Powder adhesives

To meet the latest market trends and expectations, Silekol expanded its offer with a new line of products. A group of ready to use adhesive mixtures in powder form.
The new idea has a number of benefits. A powder mixture can be stored for quite a long period of time, and the ease of preparation of an adhesive in any portion ensures its effective use, which helps minimize costs associated with bonding.
Adhesive powder mixtures are based on urea powder resin, therefore the weld obtained as a result of their use possesses characteristics typical for urea resins.
These are the complete adhesive mixtures intended for bonding wooden and wood-based elements, depending on the type, in hot presses or at room temperature.
Silekol 800 – (for hot bonding)
Silekol 810 – (for hot bonding)
Silekol 880 – (for cold bonding)